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Interview: Israeli composer Na’ama Zisser tells us about writing her Jewish opera Mamzer Bastard

© Mariana Kazarnovsky

**Please note this is an abridged version. Read the full interview in the upcoming July issue of Jewish Renaissance.

Imagine you’re in New York in the 1970s. Jimmy Carter is either in office or about to be, bands like the Bee Gees and Elton John are vying for top spot in the charts, and one very apprehensive groom named Yoel is dreading his impending wedding.

“It’s not necessarily just about the wedding,” clarifies Na’ama Zisser, the composer of this unique Jewish opera, Mamzer Bastard. “Throughout his life Yoel has felt a bit like a misfit, that maybe there’s something wrong with him, but he doesn’t quite know why. I think the wedding is the climax of these emotions – the point where he thinks: ‘Should I or shouldn’t I?’”

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