• Modern revival of an ancient tradition: a Sephardi henna celebration

  • Ayelet Tsabari, ground-breaking short story writer

  • A detail from the Cable Street mural

  • Athenian musician Savina Yannatou

  • Leeds-based Radio Jcom welcomes volunteers

  • A rehearsal for the stage adaptation of Howard Jacobson's novel The Mighty Walzer

sephardi renaissance


Inside our July issue:

  • My teenage hero: Mike Leigh on his friendship with Arnold Wesker
  • It’s all Greek: JR visits Greece to explore ancient communities, secret sects and hidden languages
  • From Blackshirts to the BNP: the remarkable story of the Cable Street mural
  • PLUS! Sephardi Renaissance: our new section featuring news and culture from across the Sephardi world

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JR OutLoud
Frank London talks to JR about composing for The Merchant in Venice at Venice Ghetto 500
Jenni Lea-Jones talks to JR about her role in The Merchant in Venice at Venice Ghetto 500
Table tennis champ Jeff Ingber talks about travelling the world playing the beautiful game.

JR Blog
Interview: Shaul Bassi discusses the mock appeal to be heard alongside Shakespeare’s Merchant of Venice, which is being performed in the Venice Ghetto for the first time.
Review: The Mighty Walzer ★★★★ – Howard Jacobson’s comedy of table tennis and Jewish teenage angst in 1950s Manchester comes home in triumph.
Interview: Playwright Simon Bent and actor Elliot Levey talk life in Manchester and bringing Howard Jacobson’s comic novel The Mighty Walzer to the stage.


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The Last of the Romaniotes
The ancient community of Ioannina is dwindling but its spirit remains strong, says Rebecca Taylor

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