In conversation: Ben Nathan

Semites creator and actor Ben Nathan talks about exploring the common ground between Palestinians and Israelis

Semites cropped.jpg

In a world of echo chambers, fake news and fear, Ben Nathan’s Semites challenges polarised perspectives by exploring the one indisputable thing that both Palestinians and Israelis have in common: that they are all semites. A term that is often misused. In this thought-provoking new play Nathan invites you to leave your preconceptions at the door and open your eyes, ears and heart. He spoke to Judi Herman about how and why he came to create this show, in which he and fellow actor Lara Sawalha speak verbatim the words of his interviewees of all persuasions in Israel and Palestine. Although their conversation was recorded before the terrible events in Pittsburgh, they only serve to highlight the importance of this vital sort of dialogue.

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Semites runs until Saturday 3 November. 7.30pm. £15, £12 concs. The Bunker, SE1 1RU. 020 7234 0486.

Semites then runs in Bristol Tuesday 6 - Saturday 10 November. £12, £10 concs. The Loco Klub, Bristol, BS1 6QH. 011 7941 3857.