Meet Israel's electric plane

Allow us to introduce Alice, Israel’s green queen of the skies

Alice? Alice? Who the ef is Alice? She’s Israel’s latest addition to the green market, we’ll have you know. Unveiled at the 53rd International Paris Air Show last week by pioneering Israeli aerospace company Eviation, Alice will vastly reduce pollution levels and the costs that go into air travel. Currently most planes run on oil and ooze carbons and lead, but Alice won’t. And she’ll be able to fly for up to 650 miles on one charge. That’s the equivalent of a trip to Monaco from London.

“Operating at a fraction of the costs of conventional jetliners, our Alice will redefine how people travel regionally and usher in a new era of flying that is quieter, cleaner and cost effective,” Eviation’s CEO Omer Bar-Yohay told Reuters.

Electric plane.jpg

Sounds too good to be true, right? So what’s the catch? Well, Alice can only seat nine passengers at the moment, so while the plane is set to fly commercially in 2022, it won’t exactly be rolled out to the masses any time soon. But we can dream and, with Eviation constantly developing ideas, the day when that dream comes true won’t be far off.

By Danielle Goldstein

Photo © Matti Blume/Wiki Commons

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