Roots ★★★★

An exquisite selection of Jewish choral music given a new lease of life by a young choir

Earlier this month a sweet little debut album came courtesy of Minim Singers. Entitled Roots, it comprises seven ethereal tracks, which total at just over 13 minutes, that reimagine and revive traditional Jewish choral songs. "Our mission," explains co-chair Sophie Ross, "is to give life to the Jewish choral tradition again, bringing it to Jewish and non-Jewish audiences."

Having met within and outside of the Jewish choral community, this mixed group of 20- and 30-somethings decided to form the chamber choir in 2014. With a pool of 25 members – all from various Jewish backgrounds, as well as secular – Minim's variety is something that's also reflected in their repertoire. This ranges from Louis Lewandowksi and Salamone Rossi to contemporary Jewish choral music, the latter of which includes, Ross points out, "new arrangements of traditional Jewish music by our own members, which you can hear in our album".


Directed by Gabriel Chernick and Matthew Anisfeld, Roots starts with a tender rendition of Rossi's setting of Psalm 124, 'Shir Hama'alot'. It then effortlessly flows into Mombach's 'Halelu', before running through Goldfarb's 'Shalom Aleichem', Lewandowski's 'Tzadik Katamar' and finally closing on a moving rendition of Rossi's benediction, 'Barechu'.

While the beauty of Jewish choral music is best experienced in shul, there's something special about having it at home. Take a minute – or 13 – to relax, switch off from the world and fully immerse yourself in what Minim Singers have to offer.

By Danielle Goldstein

Photos © Minim Singers

Listen to Roots in full below and visit to keep up to date about their future live performances.